One thought on “Episode 65: Gutted By Zombies

  1. Hey Chris,

    Fuck comcast!! I have them as well down here in Houston and they fucking suck fat nuts. Its ok to pay them late, i’ve not paid them on time since I first got them 2 years ago. They do sometimes charge a late fee, but its like 8 fucking dollars. I generally pay them online around thirty days after its due. Apparently sometimes the due date changes on its own. I’ve had bills due on the 27th of the month, pay it a month later, then the next month is due on the 12th, so IDK WTF!!!! For instance my current bill was due July 27th, as of this I have not paid and I still have all my services. I’m looking to pay them around the end of the month.

    Love the show, keep up the great work, maybe one day I can get myself a magical female negro (negra??) to pay all my bills for me!

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